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Construction Cell - At a Glance:

Keeping in view the increasing load of construction related works and considering the fact that these works are to be executed expeditiously and on Mission Mode, the idea of Construction Cell was conceived in the year 2009. Although a skeleton construction cell was functioning earlier at the NRHM, SHO, but the output was not sufficient to meet the increasing demand of multidimensional works to be executed in order to take health services to the door step of the people. With this end in view, a full-fledged construction cell was created with the entrusted responsibility of planning and execution of the schemes approved in PIP for the entire state. Multifarious health related construction works have been undertaken by this cell ranging from construction of District Hospital, construction of FRUs/CHCs/PHCs, GNM School & Hostel, B. Sc. Nursing College & Hostel to micro level works like construction of sub centres/Labour Room/ Wards etc. Further, the eye-catching, sprawling Auditorium of the Guwahati Medical College & Hospital equipped with modern amenities as well as the State Drug Ware House has been constructed by NRHM, Assam.

Scheme wise abstract as on 29th Feb' 2016
Name of the
PIP Approved
(in nos.)
Taken up
(in nos.)

Work in
Year of
1.Construction of New District Hospital77612006-07, 2009-10, 2012-13
2.Up gradation of District Hospital68802008-09, 2009-10
3.CHCs (Model Hospital)11511671452010-11, 2012-13
4.B. Sc. Nursing College & Hostel (Phase-I)22202008-09
5.B. Sc. Nursing College & Hostel (Phase-II)22202009-10
6.GNM School & Hostel (Phase -I)88622006-07
7.GNM School & Hostel (Phase -II)88532009-10
8.Repair & Renovation of ANM & GNM School and Hostel Building21201822006-07
9.New PHCs165165101642008-09, 2009-10, 2012-13
10.Riverine PHCs50504192010-11
11.Upgradation CHC to IPHS10310310302006-07
12.Labour Room504504492122006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09
13.Sub Centre2250187415603142006-07, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11
15.RHBPC12012011192006-07, 2007-08, 2010-11
16.Doctors' & Nurses' Quarter263261245162006-07, 2007-08, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13
17.Neo Natal Stabilisation Unit402402355472008-09, 2009-10
18.Sick Newborn Care Unit26262602006-07, 2009-10
19.10 bedded Ward84847862010-11
20.4 bedded Ward127127114132010-11
21.ASHA waiting Shed59595632010-11
22.Boundary Wall17515915542010-11, 2012-13
23.Training cum Conference Hall149149126232010-11
24.MCH Wing14140142012-13
25.Repairing of BPHC13012211572012-13
26.Renovation of 3 district drug warehouse33302012-13
27.RHP Training School and hostel22112012-13
28.Rep/renovation of Qtr. (Doctors' & Nurses') in 24 x 7 delivery PHC82797902012-13
29.Pre-Fab. Sub Centre626626765502012-13
30.Construction of DEIC66512013-14
31.District Drug Warehouse20202182013-14
32.New Construction of DEIC (RBSK)21210212014-15
33.Staff Quarters at CHCs33122014-15
34.Staff Quarters at PHCs30303272014-15
35.RHPs/ ANM Quarters200200311692014-15
36.Staff Quarters at SDCHs22202014-15
37.Strengthening of PHCs22022014-15

Scheme Wise Detail Status:

Construction of new District Hospital59.6 KBswf-image
Up gradation of District Hospital61.4 KBswf-image
CHCs (Model Hospital)75.74 KBswf-image
B. Sc. Nursing College & Hostel60.03 KBswf-image
GNM School & Hostel62.51 KBswf-image
Repair & Renovation of ANM & GNM School and Hostel Building)65.62 KBswf-image
New PHC81.29 KBswf-image
Riverine PHC68.57 KBswf-image
Upgradation CHC to IPHS72.87 KBswf-image
Labour Room111.05 KBswf-image
Sub Centre168.88 KBswf-image
Ward75.9 KBswf-image
RHBPC77.45 KBswf-image
Doctors' & Nurses' Quarter87.51 KBswf-image
Neo Natal Stabilisation Unit (NSU)103.55 KBswf-image
Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU)82.08 KBswf-image
10 bedded Ward72.63 KBswf-image
4 bedded Ward77.32 KBswf-image
ASHA waiting Shed70.12 KBswf-image
Boundary Wall97.08 KBswf-image
Training cum Conference Hall78.23 KBswf-image
MCH Wing66.19 KBswf-image
Repairing of BPHC75.76 KBswf-image
Renovation of 3 district drug warehouse57.02 KBswf-image
RHP Training School and hostel57.49 KBswf-image
Reprenovation of Qtr. (Doctors' & Nurses') in 24 x 7 delivery PHC87.51 KBswf-image
Pre-Fab. Sub Centre132.86 KBswf-image
Construction of DEIC76.17 KBswf-image
District Drug Warehouse66.32 KBswf-image
New Construction of DEIC (RBSK)85.67 KBswf-image
Staff Quarters at CHCs75.71 KBswf-image
Staff Quarters at PHCs87.73 KBswf-image
RHPs ANM Quarters100.11 KBswf-image
Staff Quarters at SDCHs75.11 KBswf-image
Strengthening of PHCs73.85 KBswf-image