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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare National Health Mission

Assam Arogya Nidhi

  • The “Assam Arogya Nidhi” scheme provides financial assistance to BPL families and families having a monthly income of less than Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) for treatment of certain diseases. The scheme was implemented from 02-11-2012 in the State. Salient features of the Scheme are as below:

    • Central Government contributes up to 50% of the contribution made by the State Government towards the State fund.
    • Maximum financial assistance amount of Rs. 1.50 lakh to the beneficiaries under Assam Arogya Nidhi Scheme.
    • Diseases covered under the Scheme are Cancer, Heart Disease & Heart Surgery, Kidney and urinary disease, Orthopedics, Thalassemia, Bone marrow Transplant, AIDS, Chronic Mental Illness, Some diagnostic techniques like ultrasound, Doppler riders, Radio nucleotides scans, C.T.Scan, Angiography of different organs and MRI and Some drugs like Immunosuppressive drugs, Anti TB drugs, Anti D, Anti Haemophile Globulin, Erythropoietin, Blood & Blood products/plasma for burn patients are covered under the Scheme.

    Physical Status:

    Sl. No Year Physical Achievement
    1 2012-13 5
    2 2013-14 442
    3 2014-15 497
    4 2015-16 86
    5 2016-17 2124
    6 2017-18 0
    7 2018-19 21
      Total 3175
    Assam Arogya Nidhi
    e-PAN Card Number of Assam Arogya Nidhi Trust1.93 MBswf-image
    Guidelines for implementation of Assam Arogya Nidhi Scheme under Govt. of Assam343.52 KBswf-image
    Application form for Assam Arogya Nidhi- English826.55 KBswf-image
    Application form for Assam Arogya Nidhi- Assamese334.46 KBswf-image