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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare National Health Mission

Sanjeevani - Village Health Outreach Programme

  • Objectives:

    This programme introduced in the entire State with 80 Mobile Health Units (MHU). Each MHU will be manned by a Registration & Measurement Officer, ANM, Laboratory technician, Pharmacist, Paramedic and Driver. Each MHU is equipped with a laptop loaded with the VHOP application software, biometric scanner, basic diagnostic equipment (HB meters, Gluco-meters, Manometers, Digital BP), consumable to spot test random blood sugar, Urine albumin, HB etc. and medicines. The paramedics with Sanjeevani team will focus on lifestyle and insidious diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma etc.

    Each Mobile Health Units will have a pre-defined calendar & route plan for delivering the services covering 2 villages & a population of 3000 each day on an average & 48 villages in a monthly cycle of 24 days. Initially the programme will cover 3800 service delivery point and approximately 56 lakhs population of the state.

    Aims and Objectives:

    The Sanjeevani VHOP programme aims at.

      • Covering areas with health services to those with chronic afflictions which are not presently covered up by robust national health programs (hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy etc.)
      • To pictures the individual village specific health status and to watch the impact of intervention in a long term basis.
      • To generate hard data on health status which will help to structure specific programmatic need based area specific intervention in future.
      • Continuous counseling and social mobilization through the involvement of village based institutions and functionaries.
      • Behavior change communication through motivation at every contact-viz to avoid chewing pan tamul, tobacco, gutkha, alcohol etc.

    Providing treatment of chronic and minor ailment on the service points so that daily work, means of livelihood are least disturbed.

    Liaising and mutually reinforcing all healthcare organizations- Govt. NGO’s at district and sub district level.

    Measurement of performance : To bring 100% of first reporting chronic disease in to thereferral network & sustained, supervised to treatment to prevent mortality & morbidity.

    Benefits of the Scheme:

    This unique initiative has taken up by the State to reach out the healthcare services to rural people of Assam by providing screening of communicable, non-communicable and life style diseases and laboratory investigation to the remotest corner of the State.

    Progress Report[[CLICK HERE]]