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Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS)

  • Overview:

    The WIFS programme is for in school adolescent boys and girls (10–19 years) and out of school girls (10–19 years) in urban and rural areas. The programme implemented through the platform of Government/Government aided/ municipal schools and AWCs. The strategy involves a “fixed day – Monday’’ approach for IFA distribution. Teachers and AWWs will supervise the ingestion of the IFA tablet by the beneficiaries.


    To institute a school and anganwari based weekly IFA supplementation (WIFS) programme for control of anaemia in adolescent boys and girls, age between 10 to 19 years.


    • To ensure administration of IFA tablet once per week and Albendazole twice a year for de-worming.
    • To inform adolescent boys and girls of the correct dietary practices for increasing iron intake.
    • To disseminate information on preventing worm infestation among adolescences and encourage adoption of correct hygiene practices, including use of footwear to prevent worm infestation. Strategy


    • Weekly administration of weekly iron-folic acid supplements (WIFS). (IFA tablet containing 100mg elemental iron and 500ug Folic acid) for 52 weeks in a year, on a fixed day preferably Monday.
    • Screening of target groups for moderate/severe anaemia and referring these cases to an appropriate health facility.
    • Biannual deworming (administration of Albendazole 400mg) for control of worm infestation. Dissemination of information on nutrition and counseling for improving dietary intake and for taking actions for prevention of intestinal worm infestation.
    Weekly Iron Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFS)
    National Iron Plus Initiative Guidelines for Control of IDA2.79 MBswf-image